Window Tinting in Preston – Lancashire – Reflect Solar Control

We are a professional window tinting company based in Lancashire.

We specialise in fitting window tinting film to cars, conservatories, offices and residential houses. We take a great deal of pride in the work we do and nothing but the best is good enough. We cover all area of Lancashire including Preston, Southport, Leyland and Chorley and can provide a pick up and delivery service on your vehicle.

We can also offer a conservatory air conditioning fitment service to compliment our Conservatory cooling division.

Vehicle Glass Tinting

Whatever you drive, from a sports coupe to an executive saloon we have it covered. RSC are based in Lancashire and offer a 1st class window tinting service for your vehicle.

From tints to enhance the look of the vehicle or increase privacy, to security and anti-intruder films for total peace of mind, we have the experience to cater for your window tinting needs.

Conservatory Glass Tinting

On a hot sunny day your conservatory acts like a powerful radiator with each square metre transmitting over 650 watts of energy from the sun. That’s equivalent to having several panel radiators on at full blast!

The answer is to fit roof and window film to your conservatory. It’s a cost-effective, unobtrusive and permanent solution to solar overheating.

Commercial Glass Tinting

Glass is often taken for granted. It surrounds us at work and at home, varying in form and function.
However, it often cannot satisfy all the demands we place upon it in terms of safety, security, privacy, comfort and visual appearance.

Window tinting films are a permanent, simple and cost effective way to enhance the performance of existing glass.